eMobileLeadsIt is important to consider mobile marketing for your business. Mobile marketing takes location based marketing to an entirely new level now that most phones are considered “mobile devices.” This means that your customers always have their phones with them and their phones are always on.  Using mobile marketing, you can marketing to your customers where they are – on their phones. Many experts predict that mobile marketing will outpace any other kind of Internet marketing in the near future. It makes sense due to the fact that mobile devices are outselling PCs as we speak.

Mobile Friendly Website — It is important that you create a mobile friendly website for your local business. If your site is mobile friendly, it is more likely to show in search results for those using their phone’s browser to find you. If you use WordPress to create your website you can find a plug in that will help you make the site mobile friendly. Alternatively, a local mobile marketing consultant can build a mobile website for you.

Get Leads — You’ll need to build your leads database to build your mobile marketing program. There are many ways you can do this, from just having people opt in from the mobile phones when they see a sign at your store, to planning a huge scavenger hunt, to pushing people to your website that has a sign up form. The important thing is that you get leads, get permission, and then have a plan for what to do with those leads. You can also contract with an SMS marketing company, but do check out the company’s reputation as you never want to be accused of spamming anyone on a mobile device.

Create an App — You can easily create your own app by either hiring a developer or trying some of the visual editors available online. You can also use some of the rebrandable apps, making them your own with your logo and colors. This enables your customers to choose your app which will enable you to communicate with them more effectively. For instance, if you have a local bakery you could develop an app that lets customers know when the cupcakes or bread have come fresh out of the oven!

Get them involved — You can get your customers or potential customers involved by organizing an event such as a scavenger hunt. There are programs like SCVNGR that allow you to create a scavenger hunt in your own store, or in conjunction with an entire group of stores, such as a mall, or other local businesses. This can create a big media sensation and while people are participating they can sign up for your mobile marketing list.

Make them feel special — You can create a special VIP list that users sign up for, that enables them to get free products, coupons, and discounts for inviting other people to the group and essentially marketing your store for you. VIP members will get special discounts, first notice of sales, and more. This will make them feel special, and people who feel special are more likely to buy from you.

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